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Marlin Fisher

Hello, my name is Marlin Fisher. I graduated with honors from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science in Information Science. This education included the more conceptual skills that are often overlooked but are always desired in the workplace.

I pay close attention to detail, I consider the user as well as the product's functionality, and I'm always looking for the most efficient process whether it involves a business practice or a Javascript function.

My 2 years in the field have been spent honing and picking up new technical skills. Although educated for it, you can't graduate into a project management position and instead of idly waiting for that opportunity, I've polished my HTML and CSS as technical support and quality assurance and developed very capable javascript, php, mysql, and unix shell scripting skills as a developer.

- Marlin Fisher -

Technical Skills

Markup LanguagesXHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS
Server-Side Scripting PHP + (PDO DB Library)
Client-Side ScriptingJavascript + (jQuery, JSON, AJAX)
DB/Query LanguageMySQL
CMS/FrameworksJoomla, Wordpress, Cobalt (ADP)
Design ToolsAdobe CS, Coda, Notepad++
Operating SystemsLinux (Debian), OS X, Windows
Server ExperienceApache
Admin PanelscPanel, Plesk

Conceptual Skills

SDLC PracticesNumerous methodologies
ER DiagrammingProcess and Database Views
Info ArchitectureUsability Focused Organization
Usability TestingHeuristic, Use Cases, Prototyping
Technical WritingSite Copy, User Docs, QA Reports
WireframingSite blueprinting (high and low FI)


Aug 2006 - May 2009

B.S. in Information Sciences

Florida State University AITP Honor Chords
Aug 1998 - May 2002

H.S. Diploma

William T. Dwyer High School

Relevant Courses

Interface and Interaction Design

Examined design challenges, and provided experience in the methods and tools necessary to overcome them.

Information Architecture

Examined the scope and methods of info architecture, including project strategy; project scope; audience research; organization schemes, categories, and labels; identifying functional and content requirements; and interface design.

Usability of Information Systems

Provided resources and skills necessary to conduct usability analyses and evaluate information systems from a user-centered design perspective.

Research and Data Analysis

Provided an overview that emphasized the user's perspective in the analysis of information needs and preferences.

Database Concepts

Security, stored procedures, and triggers utilized in a self designed and normalized relational database.

Related Reading

Learning jQuery 1.3

Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg

LINUX: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

Paul Sheer

Javascript: The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford

Javascript: The Definitive Guide

David Flanagan


Aug 2009 - July 2011


Position:Support, Developer, Quality Assurance
Duties:Develop, maintain, and provide support for numerous websites - Ranging from custom XHTML sites, to joomla CMS sites, to sites constructed on the Cobalt/ADP CMS system.
Sept 2008 - Aug 2010

BTN Sports

Duties:Brought this site from concept to reality in its many forms. Everything technical and everything conceptual. XHTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL. Wireframing, Business Planning, Marketing, Information Architecture, SEO. Did it all for BTN Sports
May 2005 - Aug 2008

Digital Capital Group

Position:SEO Specialist / Market Researcher
Duties:Research the demographics and pricing of numerous online and print options for advertising. Optimize the keywords and phrases for search engines on numerous websites.

Melissa Raulston

Melissa Raulston


Webmaster & Service Learning Coordinator


FSU College of Information




'Marlin is a leader – a clear, pragmatic thinker who can formulate a sensible plan of action that makes others want to follow him. His potential is unlimited and I have great expectations for him. It is rare that I find such a strong combination of both creativity and pragmatism in a single person. Marlin has made a very strong, positive impression on me and I give him my highest 'buy' recommendation.'

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Resume v4

Marfisher | Resume and Portfolio


Creator - Concept to Reality


Aug 11 - Aug 11



This is my newest portfolio. I decided to get away from the incredibly heavy CMS solution and went with a streamlined HTML5/jQuery Experience. The content is all stored in a MySQL database, accessed with PHP's PDO library, and structured with functions from a class I've named 'resume.' The design is intended to appear simple yet elegant as to not distract from the information present yet still subtely impress with its faded backgrounds, light shadows, and grey-to-white palette. The site is intended to utilize as many of my talents as possible but some techniques and technologies would have been superfluous for such a small project. All files and pertaining to this project are avaible upon request.


HTML5, CSS, PHP (PDO), MySQL, and Javascript (jQuery, AJAX). The jQuery fades on this site presented a unique challenge as getting the site layout to remain balanced and aware of its current state was difficult if I were to permit the portfolio items to wrap around the information pane. To resolve this, I restricted the portfolio items from wrapping the information pane and instead made the information pane scroll with the browser to counter the increased height caused by this solution.

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